Motel Campo - Geneva -2011

Pop up performance with one object and performance scen. I,ve build one moving house with the assistance of Edgard Soares and in the performance night we had DJ Doca .

       A sound piece was mounted in the backstage with one mural decoration of a krokodil and flowers. I made one ritual with calling sounds( sounds made to call good energi) and a teatral ritualization of dans performance, using my self hand made clothes. Edgard Soares also performed in the night

Some drawings was added to the exhibition as well one abstract text and 2 video-sound pieces as well  

General view of the installation 

The moving house 

Wood house with fabrics and paintings - a triangulle with 2 m and 2 m hight

a dance stage and a bells and sound instruments stage

2 drawings - text 

The Moving House 

Edgard Soares 

Duyu Bilivi - performance teater 

Film with the sound piece and the moving house 

Backstage decoration -painting collage 

Film with the sound piece and decoration 

Othe view of Installation and public 

Abstract text - Tape

Performance - Duyu Bilivi 

Filmes performance 

Film from the beguinning - sound piece - Cabane and sound concert 

Film from all the performances 

Edgard Soares - Ogm Ou J,aime pas

Duyu Bilivi - concert and dans ritual

Videos projected at the installation 

Cavalo Sonoro - a loop with the sound of a small horse toy 

Drum ritual - A video from one Street art Exhibition