11 mar – 17 apr 2016

The Spring Exhibition is one of Europe’s most important juried exhibitions, and since 1857 has been one of the annual highlights of Charlottenborg’s exhibition programme. Once again Kunsthal Charlottenborg is hosting The Spring Exhibition, and true to tradition the exhibition presents a wide range of art, architecture and design works.

This year The Spring Exhibition received entries from 818 applicants, of whom 117 artists from around the world have been given the opportunity to exhibit for an international audience. There are artists from Denmark and Europe, but the exhibition also presents works by artists from countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico and USA. Behind the total of 174 works are participants with very different backgrounds and experience – some of them with a long professional track record, others talented newcomers.

The works in The Spring Exhibition 2016 are selected by an international jury consisting of artist FOS (DK), artist Molly Haslund (DK), designer Anton Alvarez (SE/CL), architect Anders Abraham (DK), and curator Thorsten Sadowsky (CH/DK).

As well as selecting the works for the exhibition, the jury has also nominates artists for The National Solo Award and The International Solo Award. The solo awards are accompanied by an invitation to the artists to exhibit in their own room at The Spring Exhibition next year.

The recipients of last year’s national and international solo awards were Danish architect-design duo Anne Dorthe Vester & Maria Bruun and the German painter Marlon Wobst. This year’s exhibition therefore presents solo exhibitions of new works by these artists.

For this exhibition i,ve presented the Modular abstraction language- a serial devellopment of organic and geometrict system that i,ve devellope

G1MPMD ( Group 1 Modular painting + Modular drawings 
220 x 240 cm

oil on canvas and ink on papper 

Modules Drawings - 30 drawings ink in papper  15x20 cm

Print Material from the group 


Exhibition images