Performances in Gallerys, parties, street, festivals :with self build  scenografy; clothes , sounds, drums, selfies ,objects, and collaborations parthners 

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Amiralen Malmö 

Talk Tumi - Whutering Heights

Pep talk is all you need - Ronneby Sweden

Belluard Bollwerk

Time and Shadows -Malmö Art School 

Ape Management -Geneva 

Temporary City-Lökeren Belgium 

Le Bazart - Geneva

Malmö Fotobiennalen

Motel Campo-Geneva

Space C - Copenhague 

Sound performance - Gongs 

Foreigners Affairs - Berliner Festspiele 

Le Feu interieur - Usine kugler Geneve  2019 

Tropicalia Psicodelica

Performance objects  utstälningsidén  



Performance Clothes 

Studio photos