Sergio Gio - Painter performer

                                                              Objects Sculptures 

Tridimensional experiences with constructions,sounds,performances ,decoration,scenografi...

Wind flowers installation arround big Sculpture at Sao Paulo Art School FAAP - 1994

Assemblage-collage mixing medias associations group creating envinonnemental objects  - ESAV Geneva Art School 1998 

Textil assemblage, decorative over found sofas - Malmö Art Academy - 2002 . Master Exhibition

Cat - animal construction 


                              Fire Ritual object 

Celebration , creating smells to purify he ambiance , performance

                                       Tv Cabana 

Stage to talk with public, take photos, happenings 

                             La Cachaca 

Stand with home made cocktails

Beluard Bolöwerk

                      Disco House 

Stand to dance , walk arround 

Stand Face painting 

Le Bazart Geneva 2017