Les artistes de Kugler et leurs invité.e.s vous présentent leurs œuvres lors d’une exposition collective repartie dans 3 lieux de l’Usine Kugler: Espace Cheminée Nord, Fonderie Kugler et Garage19.

« Feu sacré: expression venant de l’Antiquité́, où les prêtresses de la déesse Vesta devaient entretenir un feu continuellement, sous peine d’être enterrées vivantes. »

I did Art School In Geneva and sometimes i go there do some performances and exhibitions, keeping working with some colleagues and opening my horizon by going to another country. I,ve participated with 1 painting and one draw as well with one sculpture and performance. The idea of fire inside was the theme


La baignade des Cisnes 

oil on canvas 


Draw pastel on canvas 

Dry pastel on canvas

120 x 120cm

Working in progress - drawing 

                                                 Feu Interieur Skulptur 

interactive sculpture  with smell of herbs, vegetables . The idea was to make a fire that purifies the ambiance , once on the fire , after leaves the smells during a space of time . Ritualisation to evoques the pure spirit 

Vegetables. matches, salt . kanel, curcuma. rosmarin 


Ritual to a better energi arround - making the pot with elemsnts, calling songs with maracas - Audience fokus, interaction , Ritual teater